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Welcome to the Puppy Barn, located at 2741 Route 206, Mount Holly, NJ 08060! The large number of breeds carried (85-110 pups to start each week), are listed below.  Please read the very important information first before obtaining your new member of your family...

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We are the original 33 year old Puppy Barn. We have sold the most pups and we have the best reputation in the area. The Puppy Barn moved our entire location to Mount Holly (Columbus for Garmens) in 1999, having had 2 locations for over 5 years. Any "copy-cat" pet shops or those who would love to ride on our coattails are not the least bit affiliated with our original store. If you think that you are going to get a better deal by searching locally and going out of State, you will not be getting the same amenities and low prices that come with our pups. Also, other state's lesser "Puppy Lemon Laws" are not going to cover you the way that we will. It has taken us many, many years to find our breeders and avoid the puppy mill type breeders. Our come from private breeders who usually sell a certain amount of their litters retail on their own and sell us the remainder of the litter, which is not to say that we are offered the less desirable as we pick them up at 8 weeks. So it would be the same as going out to the private homes, but with us you have a huge selection. We get pups in every Monday and Wednesday. We are under the strict New Jersey State written Health guarantee, not something that we wrote, but which is State Law and is the strictest in the country along with Massachusetts. Plus we often go over and above to make sure that every customer is ultimately happy with their purchase with the Puppy Barn. Since we have a kennel setting (no cages), they are exposed to more things so our job is to build immunity into them as soon as possible. Then there is also an incubation period of 7-11 days for common things such as kennel cough, which we pay for the most expensive inoculation, but it still only protects 65% of the pups. The vaccine just has never been perfected. No matter how hard a breeder may try to breed only the healthiest, Mother Nature is not always kind. Thus the "no petting from pen to pen policy". We of course will get one out for you to play with if you are interested in buying a pup. We do tend to be strict with our return policy (diagnosed health problem only with Vet documentation) as once the puppy leaves our store we are no longer in their care. We cannot take them back for anything other than a diagnosed health problem. They could have been constantly crated, which is incorrect, or treated improperly, or did not eat a thing out of stress. We have no control over what happens to them once they leave our door. Below is our complete health guarantee written by New Jersey State Law, and many of the breeds and professional crosses that we carry. We also carry total mixed breeds which sometimes make the very best pets.

All of our pups are wormed, inoculated (up to date with any and all shots, including kennel cough) and mandatorily vet-checked before sold. The N.J. State Law governing the sale of dogs is one of the strictest in the country, going up to 2 times the purchase price including sales tax in vet bills reimbursed should your pup have a diagnosed health problem. All consumers must take their pup to a vet of their choice within 2 weeks or purchase to be covered and then they are covered in one of 3 ways, for 6 months for anything diagnosed as a hereditary condition & 14 days for anything infectious (The incubation period for viruses and infections is generally 7-11 days). The 3 ways of coverage according to N.J. State Law are as follows:
  • The consumer may choose to keep and treat the diagnosed problem and the seller must go up to 2 times the purchase price plus tax, so if the Puppy Barn customer paid $400 for a puppy, we would have to go up to $800 in reimbursed vet bills.

  • A second choice is to return the diagnosed pup for a full refund plus any vet bills incurred in the diagnosis.

  • A third choice is to exchange the diagnosed pup for one of equal value plus be reimbursed for the vet bills incurred for the diagnosis.
We invite you to shop around and compare any and all other stores to ours, our cleanliness and our prices and our selection of pups, our courteous service, and any complaints, along with # of years in business with the most customer satisfaction. You also might want to check out the "Better Business Bureau" or the "N.J. Bureau of Consumer Affairs" websites, both of which list those who have not upheld the N.J. State Law Health Guarantee or have numerous complaints or other problems.

So be wary, and be informed and be an educated shopper first, the Puppy Barn will provide you with peace of mind should something go unfortunately wrong, sell the pup at the best price with the most professional service by a staff of all animal lovers, we invite you to come see the difference.

The breeds handled by the Puppy Barn are many and varied including many registered purebreds (we deal in pet quality dogs for pets), professional crosses, trend-setting crosses, small and non-shedding breeds and mixed breeds. We specialize in small non-shedding pure and professionally crossed breeds. A list of the most common breeds and crosses and types are listed below. If we don't have one now, we will call you when we do, so please call for availability: 609-261-9622.

Small Breeds - Non-Shedding:
  • Shih Tzus & Crosses (Bichon-Tzus, Shih Tzu-Poos, Yorkie-Shih Tzus

  • Bichon Frise & Many Crosses of Bichons

  • Yorkshire Terriers & Crosses such as Yorkie-Poos, Yorkie-Chons, Yorkie-Shih Tzus, Yorkie-Maltese

  • Westies and Cairns and Crosses (with Poodle or Bichon)

  • Maltese & Crosses such as Bichon-Maltese or Malta-Poos

  • Havanese

  • Toy & Mini Poodles and Crosses of all types such as Cock-A-Poos

  • Peke-A-Poos, Cav-A-Poos, Min/Toy Eskimo-Poos, Pom-A-Poos, Etc...

  • (Plus more not mentioned...)
Small Breeds - Regular Fur:
  • Pekingese, Bostons, Pugs, Dachshunds, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Shelties (Toy Collies), Toy & Min. Eskimos, Papillons, Jack Russells, Toy & Reg. Fox Terriers, Etc...

  • (Plus more not mentioned...)
Medium Sized Breeds & Spaniels:
  • Cocker Spaniels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, English Springers, Australian Shepherds & Border Collies, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers (Non-Shedding), Etc...

  • (Plus more not mentioned...)
Large Breeds:
  • All Colors Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, (You just can't go wrong!), Std. Poodles, Boxers, German Shepherds, Malamutes, Rottweilers, American Bulldogs, Etc... (No Pit Bulls)

  • (Plus more not mentioned...)
Trend-Setting Crosses:
  • "Puggles", "Labradoodles", "Golden-Doodles", "Jugs", & other Pug Mixes, Cavalier King Charles & Yorkie Mixes, Etc...
Plus many, many other mixed breeds which often make the very best pets.

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